Who is Andy?

The Voice of Reason

Andy J. Marte is a life-long resident of North Brooklyn. At the tender age of 14, Andy decided to get involved in community politics and began hosting volunteer activities and created the Bushwick & Williamsburg Young Democrats Alliance. 


He then went on to Georgetown University to study Government and Sociology. Upon graduation, Andy became a substitute teacher, affordable housing specialist, and HIV/AIDS clinic consultant—working to find reasonable solutions for the people. 


Education and Housing are the key to success and stability and will be his main priority, as a tool to be able and come back to live in your neighborhood. His story is an example of that, so how do we multiply that, as opposed to being bought out or displaced. Once a neighborhood becomes hot, it’s difficult to slow down developers and displacement. I think we need to increase education amongst the long-time community members in order to inform them to take advantage of what’s around.”


Our campaign will put a stop to the cultural movement giving politicians the cover to avoid the real issues. We’re living in an era of protest, protest, protest, and we need to get past the protesting and get solutions – real results for people. That’s what the community actually needs.

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